Finally settled

We moved from Bushnell, Florida to the RV resort in Clermont, Florida on Tuesday, December 02.  We really liked the resort in Bushnell; however, the drive to Disney was over an hour in each direction.  The resort in Clermont (right next to border of Kissimmee) is only 6-miles from Walt Disney World, and we’re excited that it will save us over two hours of drive time.  On top of that, we’ll be much closer to Tampa which will afford us the luxury of exploring new territory.  The other nice thing about the new location is that there are several restaurants and shopping venues to choose from.  We’ll be at this location until the end of March and then we’ll most likely spend a couple of weeks in Destin before heading north.

Because we are so close to Disney World, we’ve been spending a lot more time there.   Every evening we get to hear the fireworks at our RV site beginning around 9:30 p.m.  Once in a while we get a glimpse of the fireworks, but generally the landscape doesn’t allow us to view them.   One of these nights we’re going to stay late enough at the park to actually see them.  We just need to work out the logistics of feeding the fur balls so that they don’t starve to death before we get home at a later hour.  Perhaps if we climbed up on top of the rig we’d be able to see he fireworks, but I’m not that courageous and I don’t want Dave up there in the dark.  I’d prefer not to put our health insurance to the test.

On Saturday the 6th we took a drive to the outskirts of Tampa as we’re scouting out RV resorts for next winter.  We’ve seen some really neat and interesting country side on our travels and we actually found the Driscoll’s plant in Dover, Florida where strawberries and blueberries are packaged and then sent on to various grocery stores (like Kroger, my favorite grocery store) for purchase.

One thing that we have noticed on our travels to various stores that we have back in Indiana, is that the store layouts here are completely opposite as to what we’re used to.  It makes it bit confusing in regard to finding what you need quickly.

The weather here has been absolutely wonderful with warm, sunny days and cool, comfortable evenings.  One of the first weather reports that we heard when we arrived in Florida was that of a weatherman stating that the temperatures were going to “plummet” into the low 60’s.  Dave and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.  Plummet?  Temperatures in the 60’s?  Seriously??  We did a happy dance!  The best part was going out the next day and seeing people (we assume that they were the locals) walking around with coats and gloves on as northerners find these types of temperature in the winter to be quite refreshing.

Alvin has discovered the little gecko’s running about outside and has tried running after a few of them.  Waddie is still quite content to lie in her “bucket” (her kitty bed, but we call it her bucket) and either sleep or look out of the window all day.  Generally she just sleeps.

I’ll be posting a few of our pictures from Walt Disney World on the blog site, but thought I would start with this one first as it pretty much sums up my experience with Walt Disney World thus far.

Two of my FAVORITE characters in the whole park....Chip and Dale!   If I could have broken into song at this point, I would have!  LOL
Two of my FAVORITE characters in the whole park….Chip and Dale! If I could have broken into song at this point, I would have! LOL

One thought on “Finally settled”

  1. Hey, sounds like you are having the retirement of a lifetime! I think you’ve earned it after all those cold Winters in IN!
    Enjoying your blogs Beth! So happy for you both!


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