Historic Brattonsville – McConnells, SC

On Sunday, Dave, my sister, brother-in-law, and I went to Historic Brattonsville which is located in McConnells, SC.  Historic Brattonsville features more than 30 historic structures from the 1760’s to the late 19th century and provides visitors with an opportunity to see the evolution of Southern culture and architecture in the Carolina Piedmont.

The Brattons, which were a Scotch-Irish family from the Ulster Province in Northern Ireland, came to America in the 1730’s. The family lived in Pennsylvania and western Virginia before moving to the Carolina backcountry.  In the mid-1760’s, five Bratton brothers (Robert, John, William, Hugh and Thomas), began settling in what is now York County, South Carolina.

The plantation, which sits on a 778-acre site, features over 30 colonial and antebellum structures, two house museums, a Revolutionary War battlefield site, the Walt Schrader Trails, and heritage breed farm animals. In 1843, the Brattons owned 139 slaves and, aside from their daily labors, the Bratton’s slaves were hired out locally as blacksmiths, laborers, and possibly brick masons and carpenters, in addition to building the structures on the premises of the plantation.

The “Homestead” house, and much of the grounds, was featured in the 1999 movie “The Patriot”, which starred Mel Gibson.

For more on Historic Brattonsville, please visit http://chmuseums.org/brattonsville/

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