Heading South

We left Lyndell, Pennsylvania on Monday and began making our way south for the winter. Monday was our shortest driving day, only 233 miles; however, it took us over 5-hours to get to our destination in Fredericksburg, as we decided not to take Interstate 95 and go through Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, MD.  Instead, we took 30 west from Lyndell to Gettysburg, then took 15 south to Warrenton, Virginia, and then picked up 17 south to Fredericksburg, where we then merged onto 95 south to get to the campground.  The drive to get here was very relaxing and pretty.  We went through a lot of cute towns and countryside that we may not have otherwise seen had we taken the interstate.  When we stopped to get diesel at a little town once we crossed into Virginia, we met a woman who was from Fort Wayne, Indiana!  Apparently she’s lived all over the U.S. and said that she will eventually make her way back to Indiana.  Interesting who you might meet on the road!

Our stay in Pennsylvania was nice, as we were able to spend time with our daughters (Lisa & Kathleen) and relax playing card games and Mah Jong with them. Unfortunately we didn’t get to make it to New Jersey as I had hoped so that I could visit with friends.  Next year, on our way back from the south, we plan on staying longer in the PA/NJ area so that I can visit more.  Fortunately, my brother (Ed) and sister-in-law (Coralea) drove up to visit with us, as did my niece (Jennifer), along with her husband (Leo) and little girl (Magnolia).  It’s the first time that I was able to visit with my grand-niece and, oh my, she’s adorable!  Jennifer is currently pregnant with her second child, so on our return, I’ll be able to meet Magnolia’s sibling.  Thank you to all of you for coming out to visit with us on our short spree back east.

The campground that we’re staying at in Fredericksburg is the KOA Fredericksburg/Washington, D.C., which is located just south of Fredericksburg proper. The campground itself is really nice and consists of 117 campsites, which also includes various cabins that one can rent if they don’t have an RV or want to tent camp. The site that we have is really nice.  It’s about 80-feet long (which we need as we’re towing our car), and we’re parked right next to the fishing pond.  So beautiful to wake up to in the morning!  If this place was in warmer weather, I’d stay right here for the winter. It’s close enough to D.C. that one can ride the Metro or VRE to within walking distance of D.C.’s major attractions.  The area has a bit of something for everyone to do.  Apparently four of the war’s most significant historic battles were fought here and there are marked paths and roadways, as well as tours, to fill one in on the details as one walks or drives along the battlefields.  George Washington’s boyhood home, Ferry Farm, is located in Fredericksburg, as well as Kings Dominion amusement and water park, championship golf courses, and tons of shopping!  As I said, there is something for everyone to do.

The weather turned rainy last night and is continuing on in today, making it rather dreary outside. Dave and I took a drive through the countryside to Orange, Virginia and drove past a lot of the battlefields in the area.  Wow, there is SO much history here!

On the bright side to a dreary day, a very dear high school friend of mine and her husband drove from their home in Falling Waters, WV to have dinner with us in Fredericksburg, VA, which is over a 2 hour drive from their home. We had a wonderful time going down memory lane of our high school years together and catching up since our last visit.  Thanks again, Dawn and Rick, for driving down to spend time with us.  It was one of the highlights of our trip!

My very dear friend, Dawn Dunbar, and I visiting.
My very dear friend, Dawn Dunbar, and I visiting.



2 thoughts on “Heading South”

  1. So glad you were able to catch up with Dawn & Rick! I can just imagine more than a few laughs and stories were exchanged!
    Yes, continue to keep us posted when you are in S, Jersey, as I too would like to meet up with you!
    I’m just a bit envious of your vision for retirement! So much to see and explore in our country, happy that you are making your dreams a reality!
    Just curious, where will you spend your Winter?


    1. Kristy ~ Our ultimate destination for the winter is Florida, either around the Lakeland or Tampa area. Before we head back up north, we’ll go to the Panhandle area for awhile.


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