The Ignition

Three months later and we STILL love it! The simplicity of living life this way is more than either one of us could have expected.  I’ve learned a lot so far and, I imagine, there’s still quite a bit that neither one of us don’t know.  But that’s okay, we’ll learn as we go and savor the experiences together.

Early on when we decided to put our plan into motion and we started selling our belongings, I thought for sure that I would wind up missing something that I had parted with. The funny thing is, I don’t miss anything at all!  I don’t miss the hours spent cleaning a 2,800 square foot home with three bedroom and 2-1/2 bathrooms, my three closets that were jam packed with clothing, or the knick-knacks and the numerous candles that adorned our house.  I realized when I paired down everything that I had that I didn’t need all of the extra stuff.  I am quite content living in our 40’ motor coach sharing a 6’ closet with my husband.  I enjoy the 30-minutes a week that it takes me to clean the inside of the coach (less time if I decide not to scrub the kitchen & bathroom floor).

Are there challenges living life in a motor coach? A few, but nothing that can’t be dealt with, such as organizing cupboards so we can access what we need without having to haul everything out; using the campground laundromat instead of installing a washer/dryer in our coach (takes up too much space); not being able to buy in bulk; or conducting European grocery shopping trips on a mostly every other-day basis.

The benefits, however, outweigh any challenges that may exist. There’s the benefit of being able to travel anywhere that you want to in the U.S. or Canada on a moment’s notice; new scenery outside of your windows on a daily basis; making new friends with people from all over the world where ever you go; watching the stars at night beside the campfire while having a cocktail (or two) with your best friend; and, most importantly, having once in a lifetime experiences on a daily basis.  We have also found that our cost of living has dramatically decreased.

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