The Fuel:

During the last few years, Dave and I had casually talked about how nice it would be to just pick up and move to where ever we longed to go, leaving behind work and the never ending list of household upkeep, and hitting the open road in an RV. At that time, however, we were reluctant to make such a life change without further research, and of course, reluctant to part with some of our belongings; so we put the thought out of our heads.

Prior to the summer of 2013 we began to talk more and more about moving and so we began a journey of researching various scenarios as to what we thought we might want to do. Did we want to move back east to New Jersey or one of the eastern states to be closer to family?  Perhaps move to one of the south eastern states where we could escape the brutality of the winter months, yet still be close enough to family?  What states had the best taxes associated with it?  Should we buy or rent?  And, most importantly, did we really want to continue to live in a climate that had that horrible four letter word (snow) associated with it?  So many questions and yet we were coming up with so few answers.  At one point, we even thought about moving to one of the U.S. Virgin Islands or Central America.  The only problem with that, though, is that we would be too far from our families. That’s when the thought crept back into our minds about selling our home, buying an RV, and traveling the U.S. state by state so we could decide where we might want to settle down and spend our golden years.

Now, with a new direction in mind, our research journey took on a life of its own. We researched for hours on end the various type of recreational vehicles, narrowing our field down to either a fifth wheel or a Class A motorhome.  The more research that we did, the more we became convinced that we wanted to go with a Class A motorhome as it offered us the storage that we would need, as well as the quality and comfort that we were looking for.  Researching though is one thing, so the next step was to actually visit some RV dealerships and see what the differences were between the two, talk to various people, and see if we were on the right track with our thoughts.

We began our quest in earnest in September of 2013 and visited RV dealerships in Indianapolis and Richmond, comparing every fifth wheel and Class A motorhome on their lots to see what we liked and what we didn’t (38’ or larger?), what we could live with and what we couldn’t live without (dishwasher and washer/dryer?). The greatest part about this exercise was that Dave and I found out that we were on the same page about a number of things, so that made sifting through all of the information that much easier for both of us.

Returning to our 2,800 square foot home, we looked at everything that we had accumulated in our 27 years of marriage and went through the process of writing down what we could live without and needed to get rid of, since we would be effectively living in less than 300 square feet of space should we decide to carry through with our plan. We would need to put our house on the market and all of our furniture would need to be sold. Knick-knacks, books, albums, clothing, wall art, computers, stereo equipment, guitars, amplifiers, speakers, tools, TV’s, exercise equipment; it all had to go.  Were we truly ready for this, could we actually give up the creature comforts that made our house a home?

We contemplated these thoughts during the winter months while we still continued to do research on recreational vehicles, tow-dollies, campgrounds (state parks have a limit size on the length of an RV), and since we would have our two feline fur-babies with us (Alvin and Waddles), we needed to make sure that they would fit comfortably in our plan as we were not about to abandon them. Dave even got his CDL and drove a city bus to get experience driving a 40’, 50,000 pound vehicle, in preparation for our future.

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